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Welcome to Enkay Converged Technologies

Where Every Day is Innovative

We shape successful enterprises. Reimagine business processes. Integrate data for clever analytics. Deliver future-ready technologies. And above all, transform your operations to become smart, secure and scalable.
A leading technology company in India, Enkay revolutionizes the way people work and creates innovative experiences that transcend time, location and industry. We are able to do so by employing unique architecture, software, automation, intelligence and insights to make your IT infrastructure easier to converge, collaborate and capture. The results are low TCO, assured ROI, reliable and integrated communication, and rapid business growth.

In our cloud-based and the mobile-dominated digital world, the importance of connectivity cannot be overstated. It is vital for any business; to communicate with customers, clients, employees and to support all business processes. With seamless, real-time information sharing, you can always stay connected, from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Every enterprise needs their critical workforce to work smarter and faster while being more productive. By implanting collaborative technologies into processes and inspiring a collaborative behaviour at work, you can transform knowledge into action. Enterprise communication and collaboration enables information sharing, real-time communication that positively impacts the outcome of a task or a project.

With the growing number of threats to humans, assets, facilities and data, the importance of integrated security and reliable safety solutions are constantly on the rise. End-to-end security solutions will help you mitigate risks, build resilience and take complete advantage of the latest technologies to protect your valuable assets.


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21st Indian International Security Expo

21st Indian International Security Expo

Enkay Converged Technologies LLP along with its subsidiary company Syntel Telecom Ltd. participated in 21st Indian International Security Expo from October 5th to 7th at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

Best Performing Partner Communications

Best Performing Partner Communications

Alcatel – Lucent Enterprises announces Syntel Telecom Ltd. as the Best Performing Partner Communications during their 100 years celebration in Monaco. Alcatel Lucent Enterprise celebrates 100 years in Monaco. Jean Castellini, Government

Enkay ties up with Genesys

Enkay ties up with Genesys

The synergy of technologies will offer cloud-based customer experiences and call centre expertise to specially cater to the mid-segment and large businesses.