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About Enkay

Company Overview

Forward-Thinking. Cutting-Edge. Results-Driven.

A Lalbhai Group company – Enkay Converged Technologies LLP designs and executes a wide range of technology solutions for your enterprise – your customers, people and processes, to help you compete in a fast-paced technology landscape.

What’s our specialty? Data. Cloud. Communications. Software. Security. Network Infrastructure. We work with the components that create them as well as the environments where they operate. We simplify technology for people who work with them and deliver digital transformations that perfectly align with your business. We integrate the right systems, deploy necessary analytics, and help you to smartly leverage mobility and IoT. When these are employed with innovation and new business models, you have the foundation for all future innovations.

Our intent-based technologies provide a highly secure and intelligent platform for our customers, right from small businesses to multi-national companies. We build success for every organization that’s looking for the key to survive, compete and flourish in this fast-paced digital world.

One of the leading player in technology solutions, Enkay Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. started its journey as an Enterprise Telephony company and has continued to reinvent itself over the years by offering a varied range of Converged Technologies Solutions.

With 37 years of industry experience, Enkay today, has a significant presence in the enterprise business such as BFSI, healthcare and manufacturing and enjoys leadership position in hospitality segment. Enkay has been rated among the best in terms of having strong after sales support set up backed by professional SLA.

Enkay’s business has now been acquired by Syntel Telecom Limited, a subsidiary company of the Lalbhai Group – Arvind Limited in August 2017 to leverage its presence in enterprise sector and expertise in AVSI business and consolidated under fully owned subsidiary named Enkay Converged Technologies LLP.

Enkay in its new “Avatar”, will enable customers to set up secured and collaborative environment through Converged Technology Solutions and offer real-time insights so that customers can make dynamic business decisions for sustained growth and profitability. Customer will have a flexibility to choose Capex, Opex and Cloud options to cut down initial investments and have a protection against technology obsolesce in constantly evolving technology environment.

With this approach, Enkay aims to claim leadership position in MLB (Mid & Large size businesses) undertaking large system integration projects based on Converged Technologies by 2023.

Enkay Fact Sheet

37+ Years of Experience in Enterprise Telephony

50,000+ customers
across India

Pan-India Presence

Customers across all
major verticals

Leader in Hospitality
and BFSI

Skilled & professional manpower across India

Partnership with global technology leaders

50+ SI Partners

Parent Company

Arvind Businesses



Arvind Lifestyle


Arvind Smartspaces


Anup Engineering


Arvind Internet


Arvind Envisol


Arvind Advanced Materials


Arvind Limited


Arvind Brands

Arvind’s Foray in Telecommunication

Enkay Converged Technologies LLP Logo
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What Enkay can do for you?

How We Do It?


To be a trusted technology partner that enables people and businesses realize the endless possibilities in the digital world by staying connected, secure and innovative.


To collaboratively transform technology into industry advantage and provide a broad range of innovative solutions that give our customers a competitive edge in their business.

Our Values


in our thoughts, products, solutions and customer-service


in our behaviour towards customers and employees


to diligently fulfill obligations


towards our work and our word


for every individual

Pursuit of Excellence

every day on the job


that goes beyond technology and maximizes human brain power

Team Work

because no one can do alone what we all can do together

Support Philosophy

Engaged & Effective Leadership

The command and control way of leadership has now given way to employee engagement and empowerment. Especially when technology is evolving at such a rapid pace, leaders must adopt a transformational strategy to transform a business, an industry or change the game altogether and transform the world.

At Enkay Converged Technologies LLP, our Senior Management consists of top-notch professionals from blue-chip companies, highly accomplished managers from finance, investment and other business branches who collectively offer diverse experience and expertise to lead Enkay towards realizing its vision. Along with offering strategic direction and enterprise leadership, every Senior Management creates a shared vision and value-system that fuels the growth of various business units and companies under the Enkay Group.

Our leaders are heavily invested in developing their internal and external networks and possess strong collaboration skills. They inspire the team. Create ground-breaking solutions. Set futuristic goals. Empower employees to achieve them. And are always supportive, empathetic and approachable.