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Embracing AV Technologies at Large Meeting Venues

Whether you want a seamless meeting experience in the boardroom, ultra-comforts in your living room or advanced teaching techniques in your classrooms, our audio visual systems integration and automation solutions can deliver everything at your fingertips. For us, successful audio video integration is all about hearing every word clearly during crucial business meetings, watching videos without any interruption and ensuring a two-way communication between employees, irrespective of their device or location. As highly experienced AV integrators/ av solutions, we offer Audio Video Solutions that don’t just meet but exceed all your requirements.

We’re experts in business collaboration and can help you design ideal audio video solutions either from the ground-up or by integrating the latest functionality upgrades to your existing systems. We can also create complex solutions that incorporate various applications, devices and networks and ensure that they interact seamlessly. Our professionals help you view the short and long-term benefits of our audio visual systems integration and audio video solutions. And with our ROI calculations, we can highlight the value it brings to your business and suggest the best ways to adapt these technologies to meet your future collaboration needs.



  • End-to-end AV Solutions for corporate office spaces like Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Customer Experience Centers & Training Rooms
  • Command and Control Rooms, NOCs & SOCs
  • Audio Visual Systems for Stadiums, Auditoriums & Theatres
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mix Realty for Museums and Manufacturing customers
  • AV Solution for BGM, Banquet Halls, Conference Rooms, Digital Signages & Car Calling System for Hospitality
  • Tele-Medicine Solution
  • Retail Segment Digital Signages, Digital Menu Boards
  • Audio Visual Solution for Smart Home Automation 
  • Smart Hotel Room Automation Solutions
  • AV Solutions for Distance Learning 
  • Way finding and navigation systems

What Enkay brings to you?

We offer AV integration and automation Solutions curated with exceptional design, professional implementation, and world-class support. Our team is always looking for new ways to leverage the latest technologies in order to improve and enhance our client’s spaces. We help our clients take control of their business and homes so that they can stay profitable and productive.