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Streamlined Operations – Across Countries & Continents

Technology is the key to make devices, software and equipment user-friendly so that maximum employees and users can use it effectively. This can bring down operational costs, increase productivity and also boost customer loyalty. Additionally, it also paves the way for more and more innovations in business, leading to tremendous growth.

With our communication and collaboration solutions, you can be assured that your team is always well-connected, across the globe. They will be able to share information, presentations, files and whiteboards in order to create excellent interactions irrespective of their location. With our AV solutions, staff members can enjoy tremendous ease and comfort during meetings, events and training programs. We offer video walls, large displays, projectors with screens, video conferencing, automation for scheduling meetings and trainings, lighting, audio controls, curtain control and other device controls with just a touch of a button!

We also provide Network Management solutions that delivers all important information for IT personnel on dashboards. It also prompts notifications and alerts in case of any malfunctioning, keeping your network up and running all the time, which is critical for the functioning of any business. With our wireless solutions, you can ensure mobility throughout the campus and outside too, confirming that the team members working on multiple projects are always connected and informed.

Enkay’s host of services are designed to help Chief Operational Officers like you to reduce the operational costs and hassles involved with managing large teams across multiple locations. By using technology to its optimum level, we can make sure your business reaches its goals on time.

Contact us to experience what technological innovations can do for your business operations.