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Key Challenges

  • To remain competitive in this fiercely competitive environment
  • The efficiency of internal and external processes, cost leadership, customer intimacy and business analytics
  • Need for flexibility and agility for organizations in manufacturing making use of digital transformation

Smart Solutions

Why Enkay?

Enkay ensures innovative and cost-effective solutions so that manufacturing companies can build reliable, efficient and smart ICT infrastructure so that ERP, CRM and other business applications run smoothly offering them real time information and update as per business needs. Our business-centric approach towards converged technology solutions ensures that we address the pain points of various stakeholders in the manufacturing ecosystem. Combined with our competencies across various technology platforms, we can provide the best of both worlds to our customers i.e. world class products and professional services with SLA. Our philosophy of ‘enabling experience’ across the manufacturing ecosystem to address the challenges such as improving productivity, ensuring customer satisfaction and monitoring business in real-time makes us a “Unique Partner”.