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AI-Based Intelligent Video Analytics

Artificial intelligence based Video Analytics Software is giving surveillance cameras digital brains that match the eyes, allowing to analyze live video without human intervention. Thus, helping police and first responders more easily to spot crimes and incidences, one can actually Prevent Unwanted event(s) as against confining to investigation.

AI-based intelligent Video Analytics Software is the power behind the smart camera. With the widest and most-deployed range of Video Analytics available today for CCTVs and smart cameras, Enkays offering of AI-based intelligent Video Analytics software is powering the IoT revolution in Smart Homes/Buildings, Smart Security, Smart City, Smart Retail, Smart Auto (ADAS).

Smart Home/IOT

Enkay offers smart camera Video Analytics Technology for the Smart Home/ IoT market, with intelligent motion detection, facial recognition, human/vehicle/pet detection and audio analytics.

Smart City/Security

Enkayhas a full suite of video analytics products for security and video surveillance in the Smart City/ Smart Building market using CCTV cameras. Human/vehicle detection and counting, zone intrusion, face recognition, ALPR/ ANPR, etc.

Smart Retails/Business

Enkayoffers a complete suite of marketing analytics and intelligence solutions with its Video Analytics Software for the Smart Retail market including heat maps, dwell analysis, people counting, face recognition and management dashboards.

Smart City/ Transportation

More than 3,000 intersections in Smart Cities are powered by Smart/Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Traffic signal control / Traffic Metrics, Object Classification etc.

Key Features of AI-Based Intelligent Video Analytics Software

  • Face Recognition, Detection & Search actual events. Filters out noise such as tree movement, weather, light changes.
  • Activity Recognition, Analytics
  • Person, Pet Detection, Recognition
  • Object Left, Removed, Analytics
  • Abnormal Activities, Events, Behaviour
  • Audio / Sound Analytics. Detect Baby crying, dog bark, window break, fire/smoke alarm people shouting
  • Video Search and Summary Video Synopsis, Time-lapse
  • Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing
  • License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Detection, Analytics , Vehicle Classification
  • Events, Statistics, Reports, Summary