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Streamlining Operational Complexities with Reliable Network Support

Today’s network needs to do more, so it needs to be more! This new network Infrastructure needs to be intuitive – informed by context, powered by intent and driven by intuition.
Your entire network infrastructure plays an ever-increasing role in today’s digital business. It runs the applications that drive the business forward, secures critical information and assets, strengthens customer relationships through enhanced communications and ensures efficiency and agility.
As the backbone of your IT operations, your network infrastructure must provide reliable, secure support for converged data, wireless, real-time applications, virtualized data centers and more. To ensure your network serves as the mission-critical platform for your business, we provide you a variety of Network Infrastructure solutions around core routing and switching, wireless communications and advanced network solutions.
At Enkay, we offer enterprise solutions by evaluating your existing network infrastructure, implement a new network infrastructure, or help you determine what network infrastructure solutions goes best with your needs.
Our network transformation services—and managed network services—help organizations increase collaboration, achieve potential savings and improve efficiency today, while transforming the network to drive value long into the future.



  • Enterprise Converged Network Solution (wired & Wireless)
  • Enterprise wireless solutions for BYOD
  • Enterprise wireless solutions for Guest Management
  • LBS (Location Based Services) & IoT


What Enkay brings to you?

Enkay brings strong alliances and an excellent track record of getting the job done. Our experience with numerous global organizations demonstrates our unmatched ability to deliver results.  We help businesses across all industries transition to a network that is ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges. Our services help clients transition to a network path toward an intelligent network infrastructure and digital transformation.

With our network infrastructure solutions, we enable you to enhance your networks efficiency, productivity and increase profitability of your business, all while controlling your operating costs.