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Video Door Phone System

In today world the absence of the key members at home has become very often, the safety of home has become a big concern. While we allow our kith and kens inside our homes, we may not wish somebody undesired to enter our homes. These days there are strangers, intruders, and salespersons are at our door steps every now and then, and family members at homes are not sure about opening door for them. This is where Video Door Phone Systems comes into existence. With inbuilt audio communication systems, Video Door Phone will help you answer the visitor without opening the door

Today’s modern apartments and villa demand high tech communication and security systems. Many times, such gated community is too large to monitor each and every corner or playing children without any automated system. Enkay brings the state of the art integrated communication & surveillance systems which can suit to meet requirements of different environments like villas (Wired & Wireless), apartments systems and multi apartments systems in Analog & IP

Multi-apartment Video Door Phone

Today, with the increasing development of smart cities, there are many townships and big societies coming up. How these huge societies set-up their security for so many buildings? This surely is a task. Enkay’s range of Video Door Phone Systems are highly advance with latest technologies that are multi-purpose and for multi-apartments. This helps in recognizing and giving access to the visitors at the entrance of the building itself as against at the entrance of you home.


Video Door Phone for villas differ significantly from Video Door Phones for Multi-apartment. Indoor units can be deployed at multiple locations across the house connected to a single outdoor device. Enabling you to access calls from multiple locations of the house.
Home security systems are highly important for every apartment, personal residences, and bungalows. Homeowners are increasingly realizing the importance of these devices and embracing the video-phone technology today. Your video door phone is not only to help you open the doors. It also integrates with your existing home security systems making home monitoring easier than ever. Even while you are away, your friends and relatives can enter seamlessly. Video Door Phones are the perfect partners for advanced home security!